Who We Are

All Star Dogs is a pioneer in the canine care sector since 2001.

We strive to change the world for each dog by equipping all pet owners with proper education and training in all aspects of dog ownership.

Our experience and expertise will help educate you and properly equip you with the right knowledge and skills to train and maintain any dog, anywhere, anytime.


All Star Dogs was born out of a need to educate dog owners all over the world on training and maintaining their pets.

We believe the best canine relationships are obtained through proper education and training.

Our Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to educate and equip all dog owners around the world with proper knowledge and skills to train and maintain their pets.

We promote responsible dog ownership, and help to ensure the well-being of all canines worldwide.

What We Do:

We regularly conduct workshops and seminars in the U.S.in addition to offering online lessons, DVD programs, and phone consultations to dog owners worldwide.

We love what we do because our passion is summed up in one word: DOGS!

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