allstarprogram“All Star Dog Training Program is a Complete Dog Training System”

You should know that this course is not like others. Once you try it for yourself you’ll see why. The “All Star Dog Training Program” is designed to be a complete guide for you and your canine companion. It’ll teach your dog to be an obedient and a playful pet.

It has over 92 lessons of specified information regarding training methods, commands, tricks and practice exercises for your dog including:


paw iconOver 92 lessons with step-by-step instructions for training.

paw iconOver 23 Videos that outline strategies that can be used to solve common training problems you might face.

paw iconWith specific training tips for specific types of dogs (this will help you overcome training hurdles).

paw iconOver 10 advanced tricks training lessons to help you teach your dog advanced tricks.

paw iconDirect access to my favorite personal dog trainers who can help answer any questions you may have.